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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it time to have your roof repaired? Do you believe that things have gone too far? In order for you to be certain of it, Johnny Flores Roofing can come and inspect it on your property in Big Spring, TX. Roofing repairs and flat roof construction are some of the areas that we specialize in.

Do you exclusively work with metal roofs?

Most of the metal and steel roofing is the focus of our talented roofers. However, you may also use our services to fix your shingle roofing with the help of our hot tar roofer. We work on significant residential and small-scale commercial projects.

My roof has leaks. Could you please repair it?

Naturally! Avoid delaying such a situation as it could easily grow serious. When we get there, we’ll check your property’s roof and roof deck and provide recommendations for any necessary repairs.

What do you mean specifically by “standing seam roofing”?

This particular style of metal roof features panels with hidden fastener seams that run the entire length of the roof edge. These seams are elevated and protrude above the flat surface of the main fabric. You can select from a variety of roof types and profiles, including standing seam roofing in various colors.

Do you possess the required expertise?

Johnny Flores Roofing is roofing company that was established way back in 2002. We have been known for our professionalism and popularity for over 20 years. The majority of our staff has over 46 years of experience in this field. We have seen it all while working in the field and have fixed it all.

Does my roofing need to be completely replaced or can it be repaired?

We recognize that this is a difficult question. Missing or broken roof pieces can be a problem, but we can easily find a solution. Call our roofing contractor right now to make an appointment. Our experts will carefully examine the system, checking every inch and finding both obvious and subtle problems. If your system is really old, we might suggest replacing the entire roof. We can also perform a quality flat roof repair work on your structure.

How much would a new roof cost me?

It’s a challenging one. The total cost of your project depends on a variety of variables. The most important factors are labor costs, material quality and quantity, and both. Any further work will increase the cost. But fear not—our prices are incredibly affordable. We also provide free bids.

Can my roof be fixed?

In every way, this is a terrible concept. A lot of people are afraid of heights. If you feel lightheaded, you risk losing balance and falling. Leave this difficult work to our knowledgeable professionals. We are prepared to check and repair the roof with the utmost care and attention to detail because we are aware of how crucial it is to every structure.

How durable are metal roofs?

They can last 40 years on average, but with the right upkeep and inspections, they might survive even longer.

Call our trustworthy roofers in Big Spring, TX if you have any additional inquiries regarding our roof repair knowledge and services. We will be happy to increase the stability of your roofing system and give you fast, effective service. You can reach our team at (432) 237-9711 if you have any questions or issues.